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Vortice Design and Quotation Service

How can Vortice help with the Design?

Vortice has many years experience in providing fully compliant designs and quotations for a variety of customers including architects and consultants. Vortice has a full working knowledge of all current UK Building Regulations and were involved in the formulation of the new Part F “means of ventilation” which is now active for England and Wales. We have significant expertise in heat recovery systems for domestic and commercial use and air handling units, please ask for more details.

Vortice will design the ventilation layout in conjunction with Building Regulations, noise reports and fire reports to ensure that the design meets all the relevant criteria. Here at Vortice we pride ourselves on providing correct, accurate and fully compliant design service which we will be happy to offer technical assistance on from start to finish.

How can Vortice help with the Install?

Vortice also offer a BPEC certified course which is designed to provide contractors with the knowledge required to competently fit, test and commission ventilation

Vortice also have a fully trained technical team which can answer any questions you may have in regards to the design and install of the Vortice products.

We will be very pleased to accept plans from you by e-mail technical@vortice.ltd.uk or on disk (preferably in AutoCAD 2007Lt)  to:

Technical Department
Vortice Limited
Beeches House
Eastern Avenue
Burton on Trent
DE13 0BB

 This service is chargeable unless a resulting order is placed within three months of the designs being submitted, in which case fees will be refundable 

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