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When the air is 'good' the quality of our work improves. Vortice is a leader in commercial ventilation with the Vario range which can be installed in almost any situation - wall, window, panel, roof and ceiling supported by the CA-VO E in-line centrifugal fans offering a very wide choice. The NRG heat recovery systems are designed to save energy and improve indoor air quality at offices, restaurants, bars, pubs and shops. Because this is a specialised market, we have a project manager who will help design and specify the right product for the application. There is a choice of 19 models including single and three phase versions, vertical and horizontal mounting options. QBK is a self-supporting centrifugal cabinet fan ideal for moving high volumes of air in offices, shops & schools. Accoustically lined, with flow rates of up to 8000 m3/h, there are 16 QBK models.

Commercial Kitchen Fan Range

In-Line Mixed Flow Extractor Fan Range

In Line Centrifugal V0 Plastic Extractor Fan Range

In Line Metal Centrifugal Fan Range

In line Centrifugal Wall Fan Range

In line Centrifugal Roof Fan Range

Radial Chimney Fan Range

Reversible In-built Fan Range

Reversible Surface Mount Fan Range

Centrifugal External Wall Fan Range

Acoustic Twin Fan Range

Soundproof Cabinet Fan Range

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