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Light Industrial Ventilation

The Air We Work in is Always Being Replaced.

Vortice research has produced lightweight extractor fans for industrial premises, where the air being breathed has to be controlled as much as possible.

These industrial fans include the axial Vortice E "Black Hub" range and A-E Range for extracting directly to the outside. The medium pressure Vortice MPC-E "Long Cased" range for extraction into a ventilation duct or directly outdoors. In addition, Vortice produce the metal Centrifugal C-E Range for OEM use. Finally Vortice produce the three Torrette Range models, two of which are roof-mounted industrial centrifugal fans used to extract to the outside or through ducting, and the third is the TG-ED for the radial extraction of hot fumes.

Low Pressure Axial Fan Range


Medium Pressure Axial Fan Range

Medium Pressure Long Cased Axial Fan Range

Centrifugal Duct Fan Range

Backward curved centrifugal horizontal discharge roof fan

Backward curved centrifugal horizontal discharge roof fan suitable for hot fumes

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