The Air Handling Unit range from VORTICE

The Air Handling Unit range from VORTICE

VORTICE is the leading manufacturer of ventilation and air conditioning systems, with over 60 years of experience in the industry. The company, based in Milan, Italy has a global presence, with subsidiaries in many countries around the world.

VORTICE products are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, food production and construction.

The most common VORTICE air handling unit is the CTAE range which is suitable for most applications, is highly configurable and each unit is designed on the specific requirements of the customer. CTAE units can be configured to satisfy the requirements for hospitals and pharmaceutical applications.


Other ranges that are available for more specialist applications are:

STEELCLEAN – Hygienic Air Handling Units for Hospital and Pharmaceutical Sector


Includes a fully welded stainless steel drain pan and plug fans.

PROCLEAN – Hygienic air handling units for the food industry made with a completely self supporting glass-fibre reinforced structure.


AIR CLEAN – Sanitary units in a vertical configuration with double thermal break profiles and panels


Take a look at the history behind VORTICE Industrial range of products here:

VORTICE would be happy to work alongside you for specific applications and to work together to produce a fan to the requirements of the installation. Should you want to know more about the ranges of air handling units VORTICE offers please download the Vortice Air Handling Units and Heat Recovery Systems Brochure or email

Car Park Extraction and CO detection

Car Park Extraction and CO detection

VORTICE is continuing its development process on its existing product range of axial and centrifugal fans including, material handling, smoke rated and ATEX. VORTICE is now pleased now to include Jet Fans in its range of fans produced by VORTICE group company Casals Ventilation.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless gas produce when fuels such as gasoline, propane, and oil are burned. It is an extremely toxic gas that can even cause death when allowed to build up to dangerous levels. Multi-storey and underground car parks are at particular risk of CO build-up due to the number of cars that can be present in the space.

    To solve the issue of CO build-up in car parks, it is critical that these spaces are adequately ventilated.

    This is achievable by installing fans that move fresh air into the space, while pushing out contaminated air that has a significant CO content.

    Natural ventilation may also be used to assist in diminishing CO levels. VORTICE offers a range of fans suitable for this purpose, as part of the Casals range of process fans. These include fans located within the car park itself, or roof mounted with ducting to service the space. These fans are also able to double as smoke fans in the event of a fire.

    The Casals range can be used in conjunction with the CO-MASTER and CO-SENS accessories.

    This allows the CO concentration in a space to be measured and for fans to be switched on automatically when the ppm exceeds a set threshold. This allows for more efficient air renewal in a space, with the CO-MASTER being able to activate fans in specific zones, to avoid fans being used where unnecessary.

    CO Master and CO Sens

      Overall, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to prevent the build-up of CO in car parks to ensure the safety of those who use them. Through proper use of ventilation and sensors, the danger of CO in car parks can be reduced to the benefit of all.

      VORTICE would be happy to work alongside you for specific applications and to work together to produce a fan to the requirements of the installation. Should you want to know more about the ranges of industrial fans we offer please visit our catalogues page to download The Jet Fan Brochure or email

      VORTICE air purifiers installed in primary school classrooms

      Head Teacher Ruth Burton at Packington Church of England Primary School knows how important it is to maintain a healthy environment for her pupils as they start their primary education.  In light of Covid 19 and other winter illnesses circulating, she felt that installing air purifiers in each classroom could make an enormous difference to the health of both children and teachers, particularly in the winter months.  Ventilation manufacturer VORTICE was delighted to donate and demonstrate the difference the DePuro Pro 300 air purifier could make.

      While young children are prone to catching all sorts of illnesses and they need some exposure to boost their early immune systems – knowing that they would not be constantly exposed to viruses in their classrooms was seen as a huge benefit by teachers and parents.

      Head teacher Ruth Burton said:

      “The wellbeing of our school community is so important to their learning.  We are delighted with the impact the VORTICE DePuro Pro air purifiers have made in keeping illness in the classroom to the minimum.”

      The plug and play DePuro Pro 300 air purifier from VORTICE is suitable for spaces up to 90 square metres and 2.5m high – ideal for classrooms.  It offers double air filtration with two Absolute HEPA H14 filters and a molecular filter that reduces the number of particles in the air such as viruses, micro-organisms and bacteria. 


      VORTICE has recently worked with Quartz Electrical and Mechanical Services to install an impressive heat recovery air handling unit at Middlesbrough College.  The RXH/Hi is an integrated refrigerant circuit heat recovery unit, ensuring that Middlesbrough College not only has good indoor air quality, but it also reaps the benefits of heat recovery thereby reducing the energy costs and the C02 footprint.  The unit was installed in a new extension to the college creating a state-of-the-art digital IT centre.

      For buildings that require air exchange and are not equipped with dedicated air conditioning systems, the installation of these RXH/Hi units allows the introduction of primary air at a controlled temperature without disturbing the internal conditions in the occupied spaces, this makes it unnecessary to use additional systems to heat or cool the incoming primary air.  On new installations the complete air exchange requirement is carried out, allowing a reduction in the size of the main air conditioning system. The unit also benefits from air cooling which can be adjusted in the summer or winter, ensuring that the unit operates at maximum efficiency.

      Paul Gunner Sales Director of VORTICE commented

      “We enjoyed working with Quartz and Middlesbrough College to ensure the best and most competitive solution for their requirements.  They are extremely happy with the result and we are looking forward to helping them further with additional ventilation systems.”

      Understanding the importance of quiet ventilation

      Understanding the importance of quiet ventilation

      Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn discusses with BusinessNet Explorer the role quiet fans have to play in stress-free living.  In the third of its Brand Leader Podcast series, she talks about the Lineo commercial range with its new Lineo Quiet and Quiet ES as well as the company’s heat recovery units Neti and Avel and the axial Punto Evo Flexo, all of which are designed to be as quiet as possible. 

      The newest of these products, Lineo Quiet and Lineo Quiet ES are acoustically lined, powerful fans creating a sound no noisier than rustling leaves. Find out more here.

      Working from home? Keep it well ventilated …

      The lockdown and the ‘new normal’ we all face at the moment has seen dramatic changes in our lives – one of these being ‘working from home’. As many people are still working from home, VORTICE continues to be passionate about keeping people safe whilst working in these uncertain times.

      VORTICE knows that there are fundamental things people can do to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) within the home. A better IAQ is linked to improved concentration and productivity and more health benefits such as better sleep.

      See our tips below to help create healthy indoor air quality whilst spending so much time at home.

      1. Open your windows

      It has been widely published by the Government that opening windows can drastically reduce the build up of contaminants and is the most effective way of reducing this build up in the home. The UK Government states that opening windows prevents the build up of virus particles from accumulating in the air in your home and therefore helps stop the spread of Covid. The more fresh air that is brought inside the home, the quicker any airborne virus will be removed from the room.

      2. Use ventilation fans where possible

      Many people forget to use their extractor fans or they turn them off, but it is imperative that these are utilised in order to create an air path throughout the home to improve indoor air quality.

      Using these fans will also help reduce a build up of warm air, condensation and then damp.

      3. Keep pollutants to a minimum

      One key aspect we can do to improve our IAQ is to reduce pollutants within the home. Pollutants come in the form of pet hair, dust, cleaning products and fireplaces which emit CO2. A build up of such pollutants can include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Longer exposure to such pollutants can cause asthma, respiratory diseases and heart disease.

      Pet hair is a pollutant within the home. Whilst it may be comforting to cuddle your pet whilst working, try and keep pet hair and dander to a minimum by vacuuming regularly.

      Continuous use of air fresheners, gas stoves and strong cleaning products can also cause a build up of pollutants.

      4. Other points to consider

      • Check houseplants for mould and repot if needed
      • Do not allow pets to sleep in the bedroom, especially with asthma sufferers

      VORTICE supplies ventilation systems to aid learning and development at Lawford Green Nursery in Essex

      It is no secret that Early Years Education (0-5 years) plays a key role in children’s brain development and can hugely impact their first learning experiences.  This in turn can deeply affect their future cognitive, emotional and social development. One important factor in Early Years Education is the environment in which the children learn; including lighting, heating and ventilation.

      Paul Willey from Rose Builders worked alongside VORTICE to support Lawford Green Nursery in providing a ventilation solution for its classrooms. VORTICE Area Business Manager Darren Clare worked alongside Mark Coutts at TH electrical to listen carefully to the brief and specified the VORT NRG heat recovery units as a solution.

      The void mounted heat recovery units extract from one side of the classroom and constantly supply fresh filtered to the other in order to create a constant air path through the space. The units guarantee high levels of efficiency and heat exchange with reduced energy consumption and are available in vertical or horizontal versions. The units also boast high acoustic insulation so they won’t disrupt or distract the occupants within the classrooms. VORTICE also specified CO2 monitors and higher grade filtration to aid the reduction of carbon monoxide within the classroom.

      Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said: “The Duchess of Cambridge has set up The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Years to drive awareness of how we can impact Early Years development, so there has been a huge amount of focus on Early Years settings. Here at VORTICE we believe that creating the ideal healthy learning environment can make a big difference. Studies have shown that good indoor air quality can improve concentration, development and alleviate health issues in teachers and children.”

      For more information click here:


      ATC Electrical and Mechanical our Irish Partners and exclusive distributor in Ireland, in conjunction with a local electrical wholesaler and contractor, has recently supplied the Vario range of mechanical fans by VORTICE to the University of Limerick, in order to prepare for a return of students to the classroom.  The Vario mechanical ventilation fans were installed in the windows of classrooms and lecture halls to maximise the intake of fresh air and guard against rising levels of CO2. 

      Vario fans were chosen after extensive research and they were colour coded to match the exact RAL colour of the external windows and frames to blend in seamlessly with the external façade.  Easy to install, Vario has low noise levels so was the ideal solution for a classroom situation where noise interruption causes problems.  The fans are operated by CO2 sensors within the lecture halls so that the required air changes occur when needed and adequate ventilation is provided for occupants.

      The University of Limerick was keen to improve the air quality within its buildings and to keep staff and students as safe as possible.  Research has shown that the wrong temperatures, humidity, air pollution and CO2, can all impair learning. High rates of carbon dioxide are also known to cause drowsiness, loss of concentration and headaches, so for students at the University of Limerick the Vario fans will play an important part in providing a healthy learning experience.

      For more information click here:

      Returning to the public washroom

      Do you feel safe in public washrooms post-pandemic?

      VORTICE believes one of the main factors in reducing the spread of COVID-19 is sanitisation. The main element in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in public washrooms is by means of using antibacterial gel, soap dispensers and hand dryers. During the pandemic many reports and analyses have been completed on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 and there are two key findings:

      The first is how important it is to wash your hands. Results have shown that nearly 95% of adults did not wash long enough to thoroughly clean bacteria and viruses from their hands. (See related article here: Proper Handwashing — and Drying — Is the No. 1 Way to Prevent Spread of Contagious Disease!)

      The second is the importance of ensuring the hands are dried correctly. Studies have suggested that on average people have spent 22.5 seconds drying their hands and 45% of people have simply dried their hands on clothing to finish drying! (This is how many germs are lurking in YOUR bathroom, and you’ll be horrified at the dirtiest spot)

      The World Health Organisation says:

      To protect yourself against the new coronavirus, you should frequently clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Once your hands are cleaned, you should dry them thoroughly by using paper towels or a warm air hand dryer. 

      VORTICE understands the importance of hygiene in the public washroom and offers the following products:

      The S+G soap dispenser which allows the user to adjust the specified amount of soap and gel thus allowing no touching of the unit. There is also the VORT Super Dry which includes a UV germicidal lamp which not only dries but also sanitises the hands to ensure maximum hygiene and safety for the user.

      The new UVLOGIKA environmental sanitiser lamp effectively disinfects surfaces.

      Tests have shown that in just 8 minutes of exposure, 99% of bacteria and viruses tested and present on a surface located 2 metres from the lamp were eliminated (COVID-19).

      The main element we can take from the mass of findings relating to COVID-19 is that many public washrooms are probably safer now than in pre pandemic days. Washing your hands and drying hands is paramount to stop the spread (NHS have detailed information on how to wash hands effectively – see here however having the correct product range within the public washroom is also fundamental.

      The VORTICE air solutions brochure can be found here Air Solutions Brochure 


      Ventilation manufacturer VORTICE is delighted to be working alongside GA Nicholas and contractor E Plan Energy on the Cleveland Road, Wolverhampton site installing a range of continuous mechanical extract and heat recovery units. Situated opposite the iconic Royal Hospital building on the former bus depot,  the site comprises of 74 apartments and 18 houses and is part funded by Homes England.

      Project Development Manager Ken Johnson said:

      “We are delighted to be working alongside GA Nicholas on this site in Wolverhampton. We have specified our compact Vort HR 200 BP heat recovery units and the Vort Leto MEV continuous extract unit.  Good clean air is paramount especially in today’s world which is why not only did we specify continuous ventilation, but we also specified NOX filters to further filter polluted air entering the property through the system.”

      The units create a constant air path by continuously extracting at a trickle rate from the wet rooms and boosting when needed. The range of heat recovery units go a stage further and not only extract, but temper the warmth from the air back into the living rooms and bedrooms.