VORTICE Supplies Energy Efficient Ventilation Solution to Former Convent

VORTICE Supplies Energy Efficient Ventilation Solution to Former Convent

There were many design issues when specifying ventilation for the site of  Poor Clare’s Convent for a development of 16 luxury homes.  In the sought-after village of Baddesley Clinton,  the former convent was being converted into very high specification homes after being closed as an active convent in 2011 after 160 years.

The main issue for VORTICE and the contractor SANDS, was to maintain the historic aspects of the building and to protect and maintain the look of the facade, so the Vort Leto centralised unit was the ideal choice. This ventilation unit allowed for one extract point only out of the building and its continuously running system boosts up via switches located locally to the wet rooms.


Vort Quadro Fans for Walton Homes Site at Mulberry Grove

Vort Quadro Fans for Walton Homes Site at Mulberry Grove

Midlands-based Walton Homes Housebuilders pride themselves on providing a very high specification of products to each and every one of their homes. High specification was uppermost in the mind of developer Walton Homes when it was deciding on the best way to ensure great indoor air quality at its latest development Mulberry Grove in Little Aston.

The Vort Quadro range of centrifugal extractor fans was the ideal choice and by designing the ventilation system early on in the development process, Walton Homes was able to ensure that ducting could be accommodated within the void space to ensure the best possible energy efficiency and performance.

Aside from the energy saving specifications of the Vort Quadro, the unit is discreet and stylish, fitting in perfectly with the sleek bathroom designs. Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said ” This centrifugal fan, when installed correctly with the right ducting, will go a long way to ensuring good indoor air quality, essential for the wellbeing of the occupants and particularly important in new build homes.”


VORTICE Heat Recovery Systems for Trio Square Development

VORTICE Supplies Heat Recovery Systems to Trio Square Development

VORTICE’s technical team along with the sales team, worked closely with architects Hinton Cook and their client Trio Square  to help solve ventilation issues at the Ryton upon Dunsmore development. The site had two important issues to resolve. Part of the site had to comply to System 3 (MEV) of Building Regulations Part F and the other part of the site had to comply with System 4 (MVHR) as well as complying with planning guidance on noise ingress.

VORTICE overcame these issues by discussing the ventilation requirements with the client at the design stage  to ensure the systems could be installed effectively. For the properties that were close to the noise issue, VORTICE specified the Vort HR350 Avel Heat Recovery System.   This MVHR unit does not require trickle vents since both extract and supply air is controlled through the unit.  This unit also has a 100% fully filtered bypass and high heat recovery efficiency which  allows both good indoor air quality and energy efficiency for the householder.

For the other properties which were further away from the noise, the Vort Leto centralised mechanical extract fan was specified.  This meant only one acoustic trickle vent per habitable room would be required, limiting the perforation in the building and subsequent noise ingress.

The result for this site meant that the houses have been installed with a fully compliant solution which in turn will provide healthy indoor air quality for the occupants.

QBK Kitchen fan installed in Holiday Inn Belfast

QBK Kitchen fan installed in Holiday Inn Belfast

The commercial kitchen fan, the Vort QBK Sal KC has recently been fitted into the Holiday Inn, Belfast.  Part of the company’s commercial kitchen cabinet range of fans, the VORTICE kitchen fan is suitable for ducting from canopies, has backward curved impellers and is supplied with an integral drain tray and drain point.

VORTICE was delighted to work with Crystal Air and Holiday Inn, Belfast to specify the right kitchen fan for the hotel’s requirements.  This was fitted in the roof space and Crystal Air altered the ductwork to suit.

Quadro Range is the obvious choice for Rose Builders’ development

VORTICE supplies stylish Quadro Range for Rose Builders development at Lawford Green

East Anglia based housebuilder Rose Homes is a family owned business founded in 1995. Rose builders has an outstanding reputation for quality building and offers both expertise and reliability attracting most of their workload through the recommendation of existing clients and consultants.

Rose Builders is very happy to be working in partnership with VORTICE Limited on their prestigious development at Lawford Green and has selected the energy efficient Vort Quadro centrifugal fans for the development. This stylish centrifugal fan has the option to be inbuilt or surface mounted, can be mounted in any orientation and has easy accessible filters.

Paul Willey from Rose Homes said: Today’s homes are designed to meet 21st century standards and reflect the need to conserve energy and to respect our carbon footprint. With air quality being so important to human health, we’re not only embracing the surrounding landscape but also ensuring that we’re using great ventilation so that indoor air quality is equally as good – the VORTICE fans enable us to do that.”

Healthcare provider installs commercial bespoke ventilation solution

Avery Healthcare retirement village specifies VORTICE bespoke ventilation systems

Avery Healthcare is a premium care provider in the senior living sector in the UK, with a current portfolio of 52 care homes with several new developments in build. Avery is also in the independent living retirement sector.

The Hawthorns is an Avery Healthcare 78 bed residential retirement village with communal rooms such as dining rooms, a cinema, hairdresser’s, bowling alley, wellbeing area, laundry, clinic as well as offices, kitchens, staff facilities and assisted bathrooms and WCs.

Indoor air quality is such an important feature in any home and for Avery Healthcare, it was important that their newest 78 bed retirement village had the very best ventilation installed.  They appointed Harniss Ltd to install a selection of ventilation fans by Burton upon Trent-based VORTICE, whose expertise in the area is second to none.

VORTICE National Sales Manager Paul Gunner said: “We are working with Harniss to provide their client with precisely the correct solution.  The CBZ and Hexamotion products we used were selected as a bespoke solution for the project.  Our technical team carefully considered all the requirements before coming up with recommendations.”


VORTICE supplies ventilation solution for school in Gosforth

NRG specified for Grange First School to ensure excellent air quality and energy efficiency

As Grange First School in Gosforth embarked upon a school extension project, ensuring good ventilation and air quality was an important element both for the comfort of the teachers and children and for their learning.   The new classrooms for Early Years have now opened and the VORTICE heat recovery systems installed have proved a great success.

After research, Newcastle City Council specified the Vort NRG 1500 ECR EH Diva heat recovery units for each of the new classrooms.  These units are complete with CO2 demand control to ensure the correct amount of fresh air is delivered into the classroom dependent upon its requirement and occupancy levels.  Stale extracted air is passed over a heat exchanger so that warmth is recovered and goes into the incoming fresh air, enabling good energy efficiency. “

National Sales Manager Paul Gunner said  “When you have around 32 occupants in a classroom all day, it is important for their health and wellbeing that the air is fresh.  The Vort NRG range is ideally suited for schools and offices and with several configurations available there is sure to be one that suits your project.”


VORTICE Twin Fans chosen for prestigious Axiom building upgrade

Prestigious Axiom building upgrade specifies VORTICE ventilation fans

Belfast based Crystal Air company have undertaken an upgrade to the prestigious Axiom building in Belfast. The building required an upgrade of its washroom and shower areas across five floors and VORTICE fans were chosen for the ventilation installation.

Director Mark Mawhinney said: “This is a well specified project where every element has been selected both for its quality and subtle appearance.  The new 250 diameter silent twin fans by VORTICE were chosen for their excellent performance levels as well as their sleek Italian design.”