VORTICE training


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not currently running these sessions.  The first two focus on mechanical heat recovery systems, one for the domestic market and one for commercial applications.  Called “Why MVHR is the right choice” and “Commercial MVHR”,  each seminar lasts for between 45 minutes and an hour including time for questions and are ideal for lunchtime sessions.

With indoor air quality becoming much higher up the agenda for everyone involved in specifying projects, VORTICE realised that there is a need to explain the impact of legislation, recent innovations in heat recovery systems and the effect they can have on the health of a property and its occupants.

Booking a CPD seminar from VORTICE is simple, just email cpd@vortice.ltd.uk or call 01283 492949.  The minimum number of attendees for each session is five.

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