Introduction to the fan ranges for material handling applications

VORTICE Group has announced the purchase of Spanish industrial ventilation company Casals based in Barcelona. The acquisition continues the VORTICE Group’s strategy to develop its product portfolio across all aspects of ventilation, from domestic to commercial, air handling to industrial. The products will be sold under Casals brand name and its product portfolio added to the lines that VORTICE can offer to the UK market.

Casals offers a wide range of products in the commercial and industrial market including a smoke/jet fan range and certified fans that can deal with high temperatures of up to 400 ºC. VORTICE have also employed a new sales team with extensive product knowledge who will be able to assist with technical specification and sales queries.

Our team is delighted that this acquisition will enable us to satisfy even greater specialisms within the ventilation industry, growing our reach well beyond our traditional domestic ventilation range.”

The AA/PR product range of high-pressure material handling fans incorporates the following:

  • Straight bladed impeller.
  • The scroll is a fully welded steel construction with a polyester powder finishing coat.
  • IP55 protection motor class F in 230/400V 50Hz.
  • 3 phase for motor power up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for motors above this power.
  • Airflows from 2900m3/h to 5100m3/h with pressures of up to 7300 Pa.
  • Air handling temperature up to 130ºC and suitable for use in ambient conditions up to 60ºC.
  • LG270 standard handing orientation.

The MBZM P/R product range of medium pressure material handling fans incorporates the following:

  • Fan made of Fe360 sheet.
  • Fully welded reinforced housing ,
  • The fan paint finish is based on a Qualicoat polyester powder coating stoved at 200ºC.
  • The impeller is a straight bladed , painted finish to withstand up to 300ºC.
  • IP55 class motor, F230/400V 50Hz up to 4kW and 400/690 50Hz for higher powers.
  • Standard orientation LG270.
  • It allows adjusting the orientation locally from models 220 to 630. Models sizes from 710 to 1000 size the orientation is fixed.
  • Maximum working temperature: carried air: 130ºC, ambient: 60ºC.
  • Large airflow range from 870m3/h to 42120m3/h and pressure to 42000m3/h and pressure more than 4000 Pa.

The MB P/R range of medium pressure centrifugal fans incorporates the following.

  • Steel scroll is fully welded and reinforced.
  • Impeller is straight bladed produced in stainless steel and with a reinforced ring protected with an epoxy powder finished coating.
  • Motors are IP-55 class F 230/400V 50hz up to 4KW, 690 v for larger motor powers
  • Airflows from 2100m3/h to 12500m3/h and pressure to 4000 Pa.
  • LG 270 standard handing

Available on request

  • 2 speed motors
  • High temperature fan, fitted with a cooling impeller up to 250ºC (R/R arrangement)
  • LG 270 handing (other handing in LG and RD are available)

VORTICE would be happy to work alongside you for specific applications and to work together to produce a fan to the requirements of the installation. Should you want to know more about the ranges of industrial fans we offer please visit out website at to download our full product catalogue or email

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