Keeping the air clean in the classroom

Children in the UK spend more and more of their lives indoors, and the health impact of the air within our homes and schools must be taken seriously.

The quality of the air we breathe has never been so important as now. With the arrival of COVID-19 we are thinking more about the air we breathe and our surroundings. Although children are said to be less at risk from COVID-19 a joint report by RCPCH and the Royal College of Physicians has found growing evidence that respiratory problems among children may be exacerbated by indoor air pollution in homes, schools and nurseries.

Although there has been much research about outdoor air pollution around schools (a recent article in The Guardian exploring the connection between air pollution particles in young brains linked to Alzheimer’s damage) less has been written about the impact of indoor air pollution inside schools and nurseries.

VORTICE believes that there are three fundamental factors to improve the air quality and help to stop the spread of COVID-19 in schools – Ventilation, Purification and Sanitisation which is further backed up by the governments recent video showing the importance of ventilation. It is important to note that not all classrooms have windows that open or its not appropriate in the winter to open windows so ventilation is paramount in keeping the air fresh and clean. VORTICE has a specialised set of ventilation products including single room heat recovery units, supply and extract fans and commercial AHU’s for larger projects to ensure a constant fresh air supply into the classroom.

The second factor is purification of the air. VORTICE offers systems like the DEPURO PRO air purifier that retain up to 99.995% of polluting micro particles, which are potential carriers of viruses and bacteria.

The third factor is sanitisation. This has been spoken about regularly since the arrival of COVID-19 and VORTICE has an extensive range of products suitable to help stop the spread and maintain optimal health of teachers and pupils within the school.

We all know washing our hands is paramount to stopping the spread.

The new S+G soap dispenser includes a no-touch design and is able to hold either soap or antibacterial gel and the Vort Super Dry hand dryer features a HEPA filter and UV light to further kill bacteria when washing and drying the hands.

VORTICE fundamentally believes that including these types of products within the school will not only improve the air quality but help stop the spread of CO ID-19, creating a healthy environment for pupils and staff.

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