Mould Solutions

Ventilation systems to help eradicate mould in the home

Mould is a very simple fungus… if you don’t want it to grow…

Stop watering it

did you know that…

A healthy home

By reducing the condensation and mould it ensures the occupants are breathing in healthy indoor air quality and therefore reducing the risk of asthma and other illnesses

Stabilising the humidity

The unit stabilises the humidity in the homes, reduces condensation and mould growth ensuring a healthy and comfortable air quality

Positive Input Ventilation Features and Benefits

  • Positive Input Ventilation in Wall or Loft versions
  • Replaces stale air with clean dry air into the property
  • The Vort PIV Quadro (loft version) comes complete with fixing legs and with anti-vibration mounts to allow ease of installation over loft insulation.
  • The Vort PIV W (Wall version) is lightweight and easy to fit by one installer.
  • The control has pre-set modes to allow quick and easy set up with desired adjustments available. The RF version includes a wireless boost switch.
  • The filters can be changed easily without tools or dismantling the unit, and on the wall unit, will not disturb the ductwork.
  • The units are set with an easy-to-read display, data logger with lockable control functions ensuring the unit can not be tampered with by the resident
  • Easy to replace filters

Vort Mono Range Features and Benefits

  • Decentralised single room heat recovery unit
  • High efficiency suitable for recessed installation
  • Ease of installation in high rise apartments
  • 5 speeds
  • Easily accessible filters
  • Night mode automatically runs at minimum speed

Punto Evo ES Range Features and Benefits

  • 2 speed fan that can be run continuously or intermittently
  • Low energy consumption SFP (0.17 w/l/s in a domestic bathroom) as low as 0.12
  • Low noise (as low as 21 dB (A))
  • Adjustable backdraught shutter for maintaining optimum performance
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