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FD220 2m Thermal Insulated Self Seal Duct


2m length of 220 x 90mm ID thermal insulated self seal duct

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Product Description

  • 2m length of thermal insulated duct
  • Manufactured from graphite impregnated expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a minimum density of 25kg/m³
  • Minimum free area of 19,752mm²
  • Supplied with a singe duct to duct connector which fits into the next straight length of duct
  • The open end allows the insertion of a duct to fitting connector
  • The EPS material is fully tested to meet the thermal conductivity requirements of BASF-EN13163
  • Flame retardant to DIN4102-B1
  • Provides a thermal conductivity of 0.03W/mK which at 20mm thickness gives a thermal resistance or R-value of 0.666m²K/W
  • The self seal thermal insulated ducting is compliant with the requirements outlined in the energy performance characteristics database for use in SAP with MVHR and MEV supply and extract systems

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