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Depuro Pro 150


Commercial air purifier

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Product Description

  • Plug & play air purifier
  • Double filtration with two Absolute HEPA H14 filters and a Molecular filter that will reduce the number of particles in the air such as viruses, microorganisms, bacteria, etc.
  • Equipped with high efficiency and quiet EC motors to guarantee low energy consumption
  • Designed for all kinds of indoor spaces such as:
    • health sector
    • offices
    • hotels
  • homes
  • universities
  •  Depuro Pro Evo includes photocatalysis module including UV-C lamp tested against COVID-19 (*Effectiveness of module against COVID-19 tested by The Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, University of Milan
  • For indoor spaces (2,5m high) of up to 45m²
  • Extract rate up to 300m³/h
  • Soundproofed cabinet
  • Equipped with 4 wheels with brakes on the base for ease of mobility
  • DePuro Pro air purifiers are equipped with a master control panel located on one side of the structure.  This allows for control of the following parameters:
    1. On/Off
    2. Automatic function
    3. Flow adjustment, 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest
    4. Schedule control for night mode giving low energy consumption when the interior spaces are empty
    5. Clogged filter alarm and maintenance indication



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