Vario C02 Sensor


Carbon monoxide sensor for Vario unit

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Product Description

  •  CO2 sensor with adjustable threshold and safety
    values in the 0 – 5,000 ppm range (exceeding the threshold value determines the switching on of
    the two fans, the decrease of the carbon dioxide concentration below the safety value leads to their switching off).
    • Relative humidity sensor (enables the display of
    temperature and RH values in the room).• Possibility of programming, on a weekly basis, the
    switching on and off of the fans (ideal, for example, in the case of use in classrooms, refectories, canteens, etc.).
    • Possible integration into a Building Management
    System (BMS), Modbus protocol, integrated RS485 port.
    • Graphic display for immediate understanding of
    system status and representation of environmental parameters.