Hygienic units for the food industry

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Product Description

Hygiene is a top priority in food processing. In this respect, food safety is a subject that is attracting particular media attention today, causing consumer anxiety, and the authorities have clearly identified this as a priority. According to European legislation, food safety must be guaranteed by means of prevention, and to this end the hygienic design of food equipment is compulsory under European Community law. If the necessary precautions are not taken at the design stage, particular bacteriological contamination may occur within the air handling units, which can then be spread through the ducts to the various rooms, with consequent damage to human health or directly to the products being processed. Expensive cleaning activities are therefore necessary inside the aeration systems, which also slow down the production process. These maintenance and cleaning costs quickly exceed the investment cost of the air handling unit. In order to avoid all of this, in full compliance with the guidelines on hygienic design, the air handling units of the AIRCLEAN series have been developed.