Hygienic units for the food industry

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Product Description

The use of AISI 304 steel as a construction material for air handling units for food use has historically been the industry standard, but not because it is perfectly suited to this task; in fact, in systems where air is conveyed it is actually a compromise choice, because of its vulnerability to corrosion, elevate weight, the difficulty of controlling air leakages, and the high thermal transmittance factor. The construction of composite air handling units has developed quite recently and has become necessary to provide the market with products with significantly superior characteristics, in terms of corrosion resistance, to the traditional units in AISI 304, but with much lower costs than those in AISI 316. The use of glass fibre-reinforced polymers, on the other hand, allows the construction of lighter, more energy-efficient units, perfect for applications in the food industry. The PROCLEAN series air handling units are specifically designed for this purpose; they are built with a self-supporting glass fibre-reinforced polymer monocoque structure and they are COMPLETELY SANITISED and easily subjected to cleaning cycles and complete sanitisation in every single part.