Hygienic Air Handling Units for Hospital and Pharmaceutical Sector

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Product Description

Compliance with hygiene standards is the highest priority in food processing. In these environments, bacterial contamination that may originate in the air handling units can spread in the air distribution systems, causing damage to the product, to the health of the consumer and entail very high costs that often exceed, IN A SHORT TIME, the pure investment for the air handling unit. In these processes, the use of detergents and disinfectants is often problematic without considering that many food processes are often very sensitive to temperature changes and changes in the chemical composition of the air, so long and repeated cleaning of the units can hinder the processes themselves and cause serious economic damage. Often, the temperature and humidity conditions required by these processes are also ideal for the proliferation of bacteriological cultures, almost always in remote points, cavities, edges and corners, where cleaning operations are not very effective. The STEELCLEAN series air handling units have been designed for all these applications, air treatment unit COMPLETELY SANITIZABLE and STERILIZABLE in every single part, assembled with materials resistant to sterilization temperatures close to 150 °C.

Price on application – email with your requirements and for more information