Heat Recovery units with rotary wheel

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Product Description

Any occupied room requires the correct supply of fresh air and, at the same time, the control of the internal thermo-hygrometric conditions, through the recovery of energy from the air extracted from the room, by means of rotary wheel heat recovery, the level of well-being of the occupants is guaranteed, both in summer and winter. For buildings that require air changes and are not equipped with dedicated air conditioning systems, the installation of such units allows the supply of primary air at controlled temperature without substantially changing the internal conditions in the occupied spaces. These units also make it possible to guarantee support for the air conditioning system in the intermediate seasons using free-cooling or free-heating modes. These units, if installed on existing buildings, guarantee the energy requalification of the system through the management of the air change without additional charges; in the case of new installations, instead, the air change is completely carried out allowing to reduce the size of the main air conditioning system. In the intermediate seasons the building will benefit from free or partially-generated cooling from these units, which during the partial load phases allow the main system to operate with higher efficiency.