Heat Recovery units with plate heat exchanger

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Product Description

The sick building syndrome is a disease recognized by the World Health Organization that presents a series of symptoms due to the presence of toxic elements in the workplace. The main sources of pollution originate both from factors inside and outside the building.
Replacing the air, not wasting energy, is the solution. Thanks to the installation of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems it is possible to guarantee the correct air exchange and filtration. The heat recovery units provide the air exchange together with the recovery of a part of the thermal energy of the extracted air which is given to the fresh air at practically no cost; therefore a pre-heating in winter or a pre-cooling in summer of the introduced air is obtained, moreover they bring other advantages such as air filtration and a smaller sizing of the heating and cooling systems, allowing savings both during the purchase and the conduction of the same.

The recovery units of the RXV/HE series are available in 5 sizes, with nominal air flow rates from 400 to 4000 m3/h. The units have been designed for ground installation (V) with vertical air flows and are available in the ECOPLUSTOP versions.