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Enkelbox Plus 250 EEC


EC attenuated in-line box fan

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Product Description

    • Ventilation box with 30mm aluminium profile structure, nylon corners, galvanized sandwich panels with internal insulation rockwool (25mm thickness) class A1 (non-combustible) of 90kg/m3 density. All panels are equipped with “fastening system” for the quick assembly and disassembly whenever required, either for cleaning or maintenance
    • Plug-type fan with self-cleaning impeller with backwards curved blades, high performance and single inlet, direct driven. Dynamically balanced to minimize noise and vibration. Polyamide reinforced impeller for models 155 and 190 and aluminium impellers for the rest
    • High efficiency, low noise external rotor EC motor. Speed control through a 0-10V or PWM signal. Single-phase 230V 50/60Hz power supply for models 155 to 310 and three-phase 400V 50/60Hz for sizes 355 and 450. IP44 motor and class B insulation
    • The box is supplied with a safety switch with potentiometer for a total regulation


    • Designed for duct installation, they are suitable for:
    • Air renewal in all types of buildings and industries
    • Air renewal in office buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, etc
    • Commercial kitchen canopy extract
    • Working temperature range from -20ºC to 60ºC.