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HB 90 T4 11kW (A6:3)


Axial  fan with brushless EC motor

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Product Description


Plate axial fan with circular reinforced frame.
• Motor-impeller modular assembly for complete versatility.
• Corrosion-resistant powder coat polyester resin.
• Standard asynchronous squirrel-cage motor with IP-55 protection and Class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230V 50Hz in single phase motors and 230/400V 50Hz in three phase, motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
• HB :Polypropylene impeller (A2 profile) or polyamide impeller reinforced with fibreglass (other profiles) with variable pitch angle.
• HBA : Cast aluminium impeller with variable pitch angle.


• Designed for wall assembly, they are suitable for:
• Air renewal for all kind of buildings and industries.

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