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RF Remote Control – Prometeo Plus HR400


RF remote control for Prometeo Plus HR400 heat recovery units

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Product Description

  • The RF remote control with LCD display graphics can be used for the following purposes:
  • Switching the machine on/off
  • Selecting the appliance operating mode (Manual/Automatic)
  • Easy initial setting of minimum and maximum speeds without the need for return visits to the unit from each room
  • Selecting one of the 2 speed settings
  • Selecting the by-pass function
  • Setting the Timer function (the product, working in Manual mode, will work at the maximum speed for: 10’, 20’, 30’ or indefinitely, until the unit is returned to speed 1)
  • Configuring the automatic operating parameters
  • Indoor temperature (for bypass management only) can be set by the user between +15 °C and +30 °C (at steps of 1 °C)
  • The relative humidity can be set by the user between 40% and 90% (at step of 5%)
  • CO2 level of the air in the room can be set by the user between 500 ppm and 3.000 ppm (at steps of 50 ppm)
  • CO2 level can be disabled
  • Viewing machine malfunction information
  • Maximum of one controller per heat recovery unit
  • When used with the Prometeo Plus HR400 M the RF controller is only used for the initial set up of the unit – one controller can set up multiple units

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