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Vort HRW 20 Mono RC


Single room, decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery, high efficiency, suitable for recessed installation

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Product Description

  • Decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery, high efficiency, suitable for recessed installation (nominal hole diameters 160 mm) in outside walls of thickness between 285 mm and 700 mm
  • Quiet, efficient, energy saving and anti-allergic (thanks to built-in filters preventing the release of pollutants and allergens into the surrounding air), easy to install and maintain, the Vort HRW 20 Mono, represents the ideal alternative to traditional dual flow centralised ventilation systems
  • Shell in expanded polypropylene (PPE) material
  • Internal panel in aesthetic plastic self-extinguishing V0 polymer (ABS), internally lined with heat-insulating material
  • Low voltage EC motor-driven fan with shaft mounted on ball bearings
  • 5 speeds with different flow rates: 10 m³/h; 16 m³/h; 22 m³/h; 30 m³/h and 40 m³/h
  • High efficiency accumulator type heat exchanger made of ceramic material
  • External moulded rubber grille, which can be mounted from the inside through the hole in the wall
  • Separate anti-insect net, which can be inserted into the duct together with the external grid at the time of installation
  • Internal air intake made on the perimeter of the front panel
  • Air delivery outlet with circular section with a nominal diameter of 160 mm
  • Target wall depth: 300 mm. Through the special optional kit it is possible to install on walls with depths up to 700 mm
  • Washable G3 filter, easily accessible for maintenance
  • No control on board the product
  • Prepared for wall wiring;
  • Controlled by means of the HRW RC control unit (code 22693), housed in a standard 503 box, including a power supply unit suitable for the simultaneous management of up to 4 appliances, which allows the product to be switched on and off and the mode of operation selected. The device includes LEDs for diagnostic and filter occlusion signalling
  • 3 operating modes:
  • Ventilation with heat recovery;
  • Ventilation with air extraction only;
  • Ventilation with air intake only
  • Possibility of automatic operation by installing optional temperature and relative humidity sensors



Single room heat recovery unit

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