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Punto Evo ME100/4″ LL TP HCS


Low power and low decibel mixed flow fan with advanced smart timer and humidistat

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Product Description

  • Low decibel rating of 21 dB(A)
  • Power consumption at low speed of only 5 Watts
  • For intermittent extract of bathrooms, shower rooms, en suites, w.c’s
  • Long Life bearings
  • 2 speeds
  • Version with advanced timer and humidistat: the appliance is equipped with a pcb allowing delayed switch-on and/or switch-off at the minimum or maximum speed. The length of the delay preceding switch-on and switch-off can be set during installation, as also can the operating speed of the fan. In addition, the appliance can run automatic switch-on cycles.
  • Integrated backdraught shutters
  • Protection rating of IP45 suitable for installation in Zone 1

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