VORTICE Supplies Heat Recovery Systems to Trio Square Development

VORTICE’s technical team along with the sales team, worked closely with architects Hinton Cook and their client Trio Square  to help solve ventilation issues at the Ryton upon Dunsmore development. The site had two important issues to resolve. Part of the site had to comply to System 3 (MEV) of Building Regulations Part F and the other part of the site had to comply with System 4 (MVHR) as well as complying with planning guidance on noise ingress.

VORTICE overcame these issues by discussing the ventilation requirements with the client at the design stage  to ensure the systems could be installed effectively. For the properties that were close to the noise issue, VORTICE specified the Vort HR350 Avel Heat Recovery System.   This MVHR unit does not require trickle vents since both extract and supply air is controlled through the unit.  This unit also has a 100% fully filtered bypass and high heat recovery efficiency which  allows both good indoor air quality and energy efficiency for the householder.

For the other properties which were further away from the noise, the Vort Leto centralised mechanical extract fan was specified.  This meant only one acoustic trickle vent per habitable room would be required, limiting the perforation in the building and subsequent noise ingress.

The result for this site meant that the houses have been installed with a fully compliant solution which in turn will provide healthy indoor air quality for the occupants.

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