Vort Quadro Fans for Walton Homes Site at Mulberry Grove

Midlands-based Walton Homes Housebuilders pride themselves on providing a very high specification of products to each and every one of their homes. High specification was uppermost in the mind of developer Walton Homes when it was deciding on the best way to ensure great indoor air quality at its latest development Mulberry Grove in Little Aston.

The Vort Quadro range of centrifugal extractor fans was the ideal choice and by designing the ventilation system early on in the development process, Walton Homes was able to ensure that ducting could be accommodated within the void space to ensure the best possible energy efficiency and performance.

Aside from the energy saving specifications of the Vort Quadro, the unit is discreet and stylish, fitting in perfectly with the sleek bathroom designs. Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said ” This centrifugal fan, when installed correctly with the right ducting, will go a long way to ensuring good indoor air quality, essential for the wellbeing of the occupants and particularly important in new build homes.”


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