We’re open for business! Special Offer 30% OFF selected ventilation fans

Never has good ventilation and indoor air quality been more important. Our warehouse is fully operational and implementing health and safety measures as per Government guidance and our office team is working from home.  As part of our coronavirus response, we’re offering a special sale price on selected system 1 ventilation fans, straight from the manufacturer. If you need advice on which one to choose, just call us on 01283 492949. Use your ventilation fans and open your windows to help reduce polluted air in your home.


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Improving the quality of life also means improving the quality of the air we breathe. VORTICE was incorporated to design and distribute ventilation appliances for heating, cooling, refreshing and cleaning the air in enclosed spaces where people live and work.

Combining design and practicality, VORTICE ventilation products handle air efficiently and safely, with care for the environment and for the well-being of people.  If you’re looking for bathroom fans, kitchen fans, utility fans or heat recovery systems, shop for our products now!

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