Making your home healthier with Heat Recovery Ventilation

Did you know that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors and indoor air can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air?

VORTICE offers a whole collection of heat recovery units specifically designed to assist with good air quality and filtration whilst ensuring the best of energy efficiency features. Government advisors have been reiterating the important role that ventilation plays in our health during the recent pandemic and the VORTICE heat recovery systems can certainly impact upon the quality of indoor air in the home.

So what is Heat Recovery?

A continuous mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery (MVHR) (often referred to as a domestic heat exchanger) is usually positioned in a loft or cupboard space. An integral heat exchanger sends warm fresh air to the ‘dry’ rooms (living room, bedrooms etc.) via duct work and extracts the stale warm moist air from ‘wet’ rooms (bathrooms, kitchen, en-suites etc.) through a second set of duct work.

This will however only work if your home is suitable, and by suitable VORTICE means that the building needs to be well insulated and as airtight as possible. The fewer air leaks in the fabric of your home, the better the heat recovery unit will work.

What are the benefits of Heat Recovery?

MVHR is becoming a very popular ventilation option for many homes due to the air tightness of new dwellings. There are a raft of benefits to installing an MVHR unit but these can only be achieved when the installation has been carried out correctly. Here are some of the benefits of installing an MVHR unit:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Lowering heating bills
  3. Creating a fresh air path throughout your home
  4. Eliminating excess moisture out of the building

“In many homes, installing an MVHR system has major benefits. MVHR will supply your home with fresh air while also recovering heat that is usually lost and creating a healthier living environment as well as savings on your heating bills” – Jennifer Quinn Marketing Manager

Design and Install

VORTICE has put together a 10 point MVHR checklist for installers and contractors to go through to ensure the system is being installed correctly. Check out the MVHR checklist here

Whilst it is important to have a unit that is incredibly efficient, the system is only as good as the design and installation. Without these crucial elements the unit may fail and become ineffective, resulting in costs to repair.


MVHR systems require 2 filters (1 for intake and 1 for extract). These filters protect the system’s heat exchanger and fans from blocking up with dust and other airborne particles and debris. This results in a significant improvement in the internal air quality of a home. 

VORTICE offers different grades of filters which capture particles of different sizes. It is imperative the filters are cleaned every 3 months and replaced every 12 months to ensure optimal performance of the system.

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