Italian football club Udinese Calcio, currently in Serie A, has installed the DEPURO PRO range of air purifiers and sanitisers by their main sponsor VORTICE in its Statio Friuli stadium in Udine, North East Italy.  The air purifiers are used in the locker rooms, the entrance to the commercial area as well as in the press room of the Dacia Arena.  This is part of the efforts to make playing at and visiting the club as safe and hygienic as possible.

The DEPURO PRO EVO with photocatalysis module kills up to 99.995% of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, by removing and killing them, thus ensuring people’s health and safety, constantly maintaining a good indoor air quality.  Tested and certified by the University of Milan in co-operation with the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences of the Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan, the DEPURO PRO EVO is being utilised in a number of health and sports facilities, places of worship, schools and commercial buildings as the world continues to tackle COVID-19.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said

“Air quality has never been so high on the agenda as it is today and we are delighted that Udinese are using the DEPURO PRO range of purifiers in their facilities. This shows how important air quality is to both Udinese and VORTICE and how imperative it is for the club to maintain good indoor air quality for both staff, players and visitors.”

Industrial Fans with EC Technology

Industrial Fans with EC Technology

VORTICE are continuing their development process on their existing product range of axial and centrifugal fans including, material handling, smoke rated and ATEX. VORTICE are now pleased now to include in their range a new series of EC Plug fans produced by VORTICE group company Casals Ventilation.

What is EC Terminology

What does EC stand for?

It means Electronically Commutated combining AC and DC Voltages. The motor is essentially a brush less DC motor and the technology onboard the fan provides the ability to supply the fan with an AC supply. The onboard electronics transforms and rectifies this to the DC supply that drives the permanent magnet external rotor motor .

EC External Motor Technology

  • The external rotor design allows for a compact design. The EC external motor is driven by a brush less DC motor with permanent magnets included in the rotor body and the electronics are housed in the stator and incorporate hall effect sensor .
  • The Fan is AC 230V single phase input and the three phase 400V 50/60Hz


The ENKLEFAN EC range incorporates 6 sizes in single and three phase input offering a control by 0-10V or PWM (Plus width modulation)

The Enkelfan EC range offers

  • 100% speed control and can provide a constant volume etc dependent on the system requirement and can be controlled by either 0-10V DAC or PWM signal
  • Airflow from 450m3/h to 7000m3/h and Pressure to 550 Pascals with diameters up to 450mm
  • Fully assembled construction with inlet ring and mounting arms to provide an ease of installation in an efficient out of the box product
  • Temperature operating range from -20c to 60c

Applications Include

  • Refrigeration
  • Air filtration
  • Air handling units
  • Air Purifiers
  • Replacement of inefficient belt drive fans in air handling units with multiple fans in a wall/grid offering an improved efficient solution and providing redundancy back up etc      



The new DePuro Pro air purifier has been successfully installed in two NHS hospitals in Essex as part of their fight against the spread of Covid-19.  The twelve units have been installed in three dental rooms and nine treatment rooms in a project to improve the air quality in the hospitals and increase patient turn-around in a clean and safe environment.

The DePuro Pro unit comes in two sizes, it is a plug and play set up and uses two HEPA 14 filters which retain up to 99.995% of particulates including virus, bacteria and droplets within the air.

Dean Hill and Mark Coutts from Essex based contractors TH Electrical said:stated that:

“We worked alongside VORTICE to specify the DePuro Pro to effectively clean and purify the air in these hospitals. As we know from the science, good indoor air quality is vital to the fight against the spread of Covid-19 and we’re delighted that these units are already starting to make a difference after only two weeks of being used.”



NEC Services Limited haS installed Vortice’s new Vort Phantom void mounted heat recovery units and Lineo in line fans to the ongoing 74 room extension at the Roomzzz aparthotel in Newcastle. This boutique townhouse aparthotel is a beautiful Grade 2 listed building containing 14 individually styled, spacious apartments, situated on the bustling Quayside.

Vortice has supplied six Vort Phantom heat recovery units and 68 Lineo in line fans ventilation units to NEC Services which has been installing the units in the apartments along with Broadley Group contractors and Park Lane Properties Ltd.

Vortice Area Sales Manager Gary Williams said 

“We are delighted to be working alongside NEC Services on this contract, supplying our new void mounted heat recovery units to the Roomzzz aparthotel. Space restrictions, performance and especially noise data were key to winning this project for us!’

The centralised ventilation units each have a high efficiency counter cross flow heat exchanger with frost protection and easily accessible filters. The units come complete with a wired remote control unit with LCD allowing initial configuration and commissioning, speed selection, display of the time, room temperature and filter status.


Vortice supplies stylish Quadro Range for Rose Builders development at Lawford Green 

Vortice is delighted to be working in partnership with Rose Builders on Lawford Green, a stunning development which has an outstanding reputation for building environmentally friendly homes in East Anglia. Surround yourself in a wealth of parkland, unique history and picturesque coastal scenery, all encapsulated in the unrivalled beauty of the Stour Estuary.  Offering a  superb  collection  of  2,  3,  4  and  5 bedroom homes consisting of bungalows, chalet style bungalows & traditional 2 storey houses Lawford Green boasts a carefully  planned village  green, neighbourhood centre and land secured for a new nursery and cycle paths.

Rose Builders has selected the energy efficient Vort Quadro centrifugal fans for the development. This stylish centrifugal fan has the option to be inbuilt or surface mounted, can be mounted in any orientation and has easy accessible filters.

Paul Willey from Rose Homes said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Vortice Limited on this site at Lawford. Today’s homes are designed to meet 21st century standards and reflect the need to conserve energy and to respect our carbon footprint. With air quality being so important to human health, we’re not only embracing the surrounding landscape but also ensuring that we’re using great ventilation so that indoor air quality is equally as good – the Vortice fans enable us to do that.”   



Burton-upon-Trent ventilation supplier Vortice has sponsored the Thomas Alleyne’s High School in Uttoxeter with 30 bags and balls for use by its sports department and for extra-curricular activities. 

The co-educational school has a strong ethos of enabling all students to experience excellence in every aspect of their development and that includes sport and extra-curricular activities, designed to help them keep both their minds and bodies healthy.

Rebecca Fletcher, PE teacher at Thomas Alleyne’s said:

“We were delighted to receive this equipment from Vortice – enrichment activities such as sport, outdoor learning and extra- curricular clubs will all benefit from the donation.”

Jennifer Quinn, Marketing Manager at Vortice said:

“Our ventilation products are all about keeping indoor air quality healthy, but just as important for student development is spending time outdoors, breathing fresh outdoor air.  We hope that this equipment will encourage that.”



Award-winning house builder Homes by Carlton has chosen Vortice energy efficient ventilation fans for its fabulous new development Cathedral Gates in Chilton, just eight miles from Durham.  Unsurprisingly, these high specification homes, with their bespoke designer kitchens and stylish bathrooms and wet rooms, will boast an equally high specification ventilation system.

Indoor air quality is enormously important for the health and wellbeing of residents and the Quadro Micro two speed centrifugal fans will ensure high extraction levels even when long ducts are used.  Air is extracted through four sides of the appliance whilst still allowing a sleek and attractive fan design.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said:

“The houses at Cathedral Gates will clearly be offering a quality finish both internally and externally, so the chosen Vortice intermittent extract fans are ideal for them.  We are very pleased to be working with Homes by Carlton and look forward to seeing the properties when they are complete.”

How safe is the public washroom during the COVID-19 pandemic

How safe is the public washroom during the COVID-19 pandemic

Do you feel safe in public washrooms during the coronavirus pandemic?

VORTICE believe one of the main factors in reducing the spread of COVID-19 is sanitisation. The main element in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in public washrooms is by means of using antibacterial gel, soap dispensers and hand dryers. During the pandemic many reports and analysis have been completed on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 and there are two key findings:

The first is how important it is to wash your hands. Results have shown that nearly 95% of adults did not wash long enough to thoroughly clean bacteria and viruses from their hands. (See related article here: Proper Handwashing — and Drying — Is the No. 1 Way to Prevent Spread of Contagious Disease!)

Secondly is the importance of ensuring the hands are dried correctly. Studies have suggested that on average people have spent 22.5 seconds drying their hands and 45% of people have simply dried their hands on clothing to finish drying! (This is how many germs are lurking in YOUR bathroom, and you’ll be horrified at the dirtiest spot)

The World Health Organization has stated that:

“To protect yourself against the new coronavirus, you should frequently clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Once your hands are cleaned, you should dry them thoroughly by using paper towels or a warm air hand dryer.”

VORTICE understand the importance of hygiene in the public washroom and therefore have the following products:

The S+G soap dispenser which allows the user to adjust the specified amount of soap and gel thus allowing no touching of the unit. There is also the VORT Super Dry which includes a UV germicidal lamp which not only dries but also sanitises the hands to ensure maximum hygiene and safety for the user.

The new UVLOGIKA environmental sanitiser lamp effectively disinfects surfaces. Tests have shown that in just 8 minutes of exposure, 99% of bacteria and viruses tested and present on a surface located 2 metres from the lamp were eliminated (COVID-19).

The main element we can take from the mass of findings relating to COVID-19 is that many public washrooms are probably safer now than in pre pandemic days. Washing your hands and drying hands is paramount to stop the spread (NHS have detailed information on how to wash hands effectively – see here however having the correct product range within the public washroom is also fundamental.

The VORTICE air solutions brochure can be found here Air Solutions Brochure