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Vort QBK SAL-KC M 315


Commercial kitchen cabinet fan.


Product Description

  • Cabinet: frames made of aluminium profiles; sandwich panels made of zinc-coated, 0,6 mm thick steel plates, lined with 23 mm thick rockwool.
  • Circular inlet.
  • Rectangular outlet. A specific optional adapter allows connection to circular pipes.
  • Nominal diameter 315 mm.
  • Single-phase ball bearings AC motor, located outside the airflow and separated from the impeller by a metal panel.
  • Backward curved centrifugal impeller, dynamically balanced (ISO 1940, 6.3 class).
  • Motor protection guard made of galvanised steel.
  • Inspection panel with handle and triangular key.
  • Condensate tray made of galvanised steel with drain point and blank nut for draining.
  • Temperature of extracted air up to 120°C.
  • IP55 Rated
  • For QBK SAL-KC accessories and controller options – Click here for more information


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