Head Teacher Ruth Burton at Packington Church of England Primary School knows how important it is to maintain a healthy environment for her pupils as they start their primary education.  In light of Covid 19 and other winter illnesses circulating, she felt that installing air purifiers in each classroom could make an enormous difference to the health of both children and teachers, particularly in the winter months.  Ventilation manufacturer Vortice was delighted to donate and demonstrate the difference the DePuro Pro 300 air purifier could make.

While young children are prone to catching all sorts of illnesses and they need some exposure to boost their early immune systems – knowing that they would not be constantly exposed to viruses in their classrooms was seen as a huge benefit by teachers and parents.

Head teacher Ruth Burton said:

“The wellbeing of our school community is so important to their learning.  We are delighted with the impact the Vortice DePuro Pro air purifiers have made in keeping illness in the classroom to the minimum.”

The plug and play DePuro Pro 300 air purifier from Vortice is suitable for spaces up to 90 square metres and 2.5m high – ideal for classrooms.  It offers double air filtration with two Absolute HEPA H14 filters and a molecular filter that reduces the number of particles in the air such as viruses, micro-organisms and bacteria. 

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